Tank farm

A state-of-the-art facility, SALDUSNAFTABAZA Tank Farms are strategically located in Europe’s busiest port of Latvia and is capable of receiving VLCCs.

Specialising in fuel oil and middle distillates, Our Tank Farms offers more than 1,118,000 m³ capacity. Across its 50 tanks the terminal handles K1, K2 and K3 products including methanol, naphtha and jet fuel. Which also means high performance, with its deep draft complemented by direct connections to truck, rail and the NATO pipeline system.

Each cargo batch is stored in separate storage tanks and is not mixed with others. This allows preserving the initial quantity and quality of products.

The storage tanks have a computerized metering system, which allows a quick and accurate establishment of quantity of products stored in the tanks. The quality parameters are controlled by the modern laboratory of the Terminal. Floating roofs mounted in light and heavy oil product and crude oil storage tanks reduce evaporation of oil products and environmental pollution.

Saldusnaftabaza currently wholly owns and operates eight storage terminals in Tallinn (Estonia), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Primiosk (Russia), Ventspils (Finland) and Houston(Texas), Malaysia, Cyprus and Antwerp (Belgium) with a total capacity over 1.6 million cubic meters. The corporate headquarters are located in, Latvia. With our Liaison offices at the various cities where our terminals are situated. Saldusnaftabaza Tank Farms benefit from deep water access and excellent inter land connection via seagoing vessel, barges, rail, road and pipeline.

​All of our sites have expansion possibilities.