Saldusnaftabaza is an independently operated company offering its customers safe and reliable logistics services in the form of storage, vessel clearing facilitation and transhipment, primarily for crude oil, refined petroleum products, bio fuels and petrochemicals.

Saldusnaftabaza wholly owns and operates eight storage terminals in Latvia, Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Primiosk (Russia), Ventspils (Finland), Houston(Texas), Malaysia, Cyprus and Antwerp (Belgium) with a total capacity over 1.6 million cubic meters. The corporate headquarters are located in , Latvia. With our Liaison offices at the various cities where our terminals are situated. Saldusnaftabaza benefit from deep water access and excellent inter land connection via seagoing vessel, barges, rail, road and pipeline. All of our sites have expansion possibilities.

We operates and facilitates a whole lot of operations via services to meet our customer’s needs. These include:

  • Tank Storage Operations
  • Transportation of Petroleum products
  • Automated Transport Services
  • Transportation on inland waterways
  • Bunkering
  • Maintenance and servicing of heavy shipping machinery
  • Vessel Clearing
  • Shipping Lines Local and International

We have a unique insight into energy trading and product flow. We are one of the largest independent energy traders in the world. So, we understand the need for safety and reliability, together with speed and flexibility to help our customers capitalize on opportunities. This makes us more than just a storage company. We are a critical link in a complex chain.

We were created by traders, so it’s no surprise you’ll find us in the key energy locations of the world. From Seaport Canaveral, Florida, serving East Coast imports, cruise liners and the Gulf of Mexico; to the largest energy hub in Europe — ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp); to the key bunkering centre of Fujairah, UAE; to the vibrant Asian market of Singapore and Malaysia.

We work right across the barrel. From crude oil, low-flash K-1 product and jet A1, through to fuel oil, distillates and hydrocarbons in alternative forms such as LPG. This means you have a global partner that is ready and able to address your needs, reliably and safely.

With our unique location in the Botlek area in the Port of Rotterdam, we provide efficient and reliable services to ship owners , charterers, traders and port agents in facilitating the speedy clearance of vessels for our clients in all the cities our terminals are located.

We offer multiple facilities at our jetties all over our countries of operations and a total quay length of over 450 meters, including ship-to-ship transhipments (STS), layby, utility services and a modern 1,158,000 m3 tank storage facility. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS and ISPS certified, our utility services include steam supply (tank heating) and nitrogen supply (tank purging / blanketing).

Saldusnaftabaza was created in 2004 within a maritime holding, starting with STS, layby and utility services at the former waste treatment plant at the ‘Tweede Werkhaven’. Our first tank park (TP100) has been in operations since 2005 with a storage capacity of 65,000 cbm. After developing the business, we experienced capacity constraints and expanded storage capacity in 2012 with an additional 1, 175,000 cbm in our second tank park (TP200). The expansion provided us with more flexibility thanks to state of the art technologies utilised.

The Company innovation efforts are designed to modernize its operations base and develop and implement new technologies aimed to help the Company achieve its operational objectives. These includes employing the latest technology in products handling, higher energy efficiency, lower capital and operating costs, and environmental and industrial safety assurance.

We have been working successfully for a long time in this area and are able to show the high quality of our products and professionalism. Our partners are our friends: their success is our success. We are interested in ensuring that working with us is not only profitable but also comfortable for our partners so that we could reach new heights and rejoice our achievements together.

We aim to support long-term economic growth, social stability, prosperity and progress in the regions where we operate, as well as caring for the environment and ensuring sustainable use of natural resources. We want to achieve consistent and long-term growth of our business, transforming Saldusnaftabaza into a leading global energy company .

Our Technology Organization works collaboratively with our Exploration, Production, Drilling and Completions organizations to maximize the value of our global assets. We advance technologies with collaborative efforts that offer participants opportunities to develop ideas quickly, effectively and at lower cost. These development efforts are conducted with industry partners, ranging from individuals, universities, service providers, and joint-industry projects; then we compete in how well we apply these efforts within our own businesses. Developing and applying technology is a shared responsibility.