The senior management of SALDUSNAFTABAZA-Capital «federal law» On joint stock companies «and the company’s Charter governs the jurisdiction of the general shareholders ‘ meeting, convocation, procedures and decision-making.

  • Alignment of objectives with economic interests of shareholders of the company;
  • Increase of investment attractiveness of the group for Russian and foreign investors;
  • Saving and efficient use of financial resources of shareholders;
  • Ensuring equal access to all shareholders in the distribution portion of the net income is distributed through dividends;
  • Protection of the interests of all shareholders, including minority shareholders ‘ interests;
  • Effective cooperation guides the company from administration and alleged control;
  • Setting up a fair and competent management;
  • Ensuring the correct balance between transparency and limited group of sensitive commercial information;
  • Post on financial and operational work ends with fairness and accuracy.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance policy Group seeks to comply with the legislation of the Latvian Federation, normative acts of the Federal service for financial markets (Central Bank of latvia), and relevant international standards, including the principles of corporate governance of the Organisation for economic cooperation and development.

The basic principles of corporate governance adopted by the Group:
Ensuring a sound basis for effective and successful financial and business operations;

The Board

«SALDUSNAFTABAZA» Board of Directors provides strategic direction to the company, while its main activity, development and business plans, budgets and major investment legislation and the company’s articles of Association govern the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors, compensation and procedures for decision. The company’s Board of Directors consists of five members, including independent members of the Board of Directors.

PRESIDENT, SALDUSNAFTABAZA: Zhludov Viktor Vladislavovich